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Please have a look around at my photography and artwork. You can find galleries of the different places I have been. Also have a look at the about me for some background. Please contact me if there is something specific you are looking for. I try and keep the blog up to date with the latest places that I have visited or artwork that I have created. There are also comments on different photography techniques and camera gear there. »

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I spent a week on holiday in Southwold, Suffolk. I really like Southwold and have been coming on holiday here since I was small. While I was staying I was able to get up for sunrise on a couple of occasions and was really pleased with the results. There were also some good sunsets. As well as it famous beach-huts on the promenade, and the pier, Southwould also has a harbour, with lots of interesting details to photograph. »

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Hunstanton is well known for it’s colourful cliffs, these are some of my best pictures of the cliffs and sand dunes onto the beach. I’m also really pleased with my dramatic pictures of all the sea birds feeding in the wet sand. Have a look at my new Hunstanton Gallery. »

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These are some of my favourite images from two weeks spent in Northumberland. These are mostly sunset pictures taken on various beaches, including Bamburgh, Scrmerston and Lindisfarne. I really like the main different colours you get in a sunset, and the way they change rapidly over a few minutes. I think one of my favourite pictures is the figures walking along in the surf with their dog, silhouetted against the setting sun. »

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New York

Before heading back to the UK I finally got round to visiting New York. It’s an amazing city with so many different photo opportunities. There are all the usual tourist sites, like the Statue of Liberty, but I tried to take picture is some less know places. Like the Brooklyn Bridge at night, I took this picture on long exposure to get the lights of the traffic to blur, I hope it gives it a more dynamic feel. »

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For Spring Break I have been to California. I stayed with the family of one of my house-mates who were really lovely people and I had a really great time. We visited Orange County which has some really great beaches, you can see in my picture of the wave. I can’t quite believe how blue the sea is, I’ve never seen it like that before. We also visited the island of Catalina. »

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San Francisco

This was my second trip during my MIT exchange year. A friend of mine has family in San Francisco and I was invited to spend new years there. Do take a look at my San Francisco Gallery for all the pictures I took. I think that San Francisco is one of my favourite places in the US. The climate is quite mild, even in the winter, and being on the west coast it’s a lot more relaxed than some places in US. »

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New England and Toronto

This was my first trip out of the Boston area on my exchange year. New England is well know for its autumn colour and so October seemed like a good time to make a trip further up the coast. It turned out that we didn’t get to see too much of the tree colour, but we did find a really nice beach and lighthouse looking out onto the North Atlantic. »

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As part of my degree I took part in an exchange programme with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA. I spent my whole third year studying at MIT and really enjoyed it, but it’s quite different to the UK. They have a really different way of working, as well as the whole way of life being different. I lived in a shared house in one of the suburbs of Boston, which was a whole different experience for me, being used to living in a village. »

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These pictures were taken on holiday in Brixham, Devon. I stayed in a house that was above the harbour and the view across the bay in the sunset was really dramatic. It was also the first time I tried taking night time photographs, by setting up the camera on the window sill and then using a long exposure. Below are my favourite images from the week. See the full Brixham Gallery for more images. »

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