As part of my degree I took part in an exchange programme with Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA. I spent my whole third year studying at MIT and really enjoyed it, but it’s quite different to the UK. They have a really different way of working, as well as the whole way of life being different.

I lived in a shared house in one of the suburbs of Boston, which was a whole different experience for me, being used to living in a village. Boston is not a large city, and being one of the original thirteen colonies it is the most European. It also offered the opportunity for taking lots of photographs as well.

I also got the opportunity to travel other places in the US, including New York and California, but those are subjects of others posts. Below are some of my favourite pictures from the Boston area.

Have a look at my Boston Gallery, but also my San Francisco and California galleries.

Ian Bracey

I am a photographer, artist and structural engineer. I like taking photos, it's as simple as that...

Cambridge, England